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Explore Our Gallery to view some memorable moments with
Dance Initiative Productions.
  1. Happy Hopping Snow Bunnies
    Happy Hopping Snow Bunnies
    Excited little bunnies in fluffy tutus. "It's time to show everyone how well I point my toes in my pink ballet shoes!"
  2. Flowers Delight - a Pretty Sight!
    Flowers Delight - a Pretty Sight!
    Performing on stage with friends makes dancing so much fun. Concert day is here! "Hey, look at me Mum!"
  3. Painting the Roses Red
    Painting the Roses Red
    Concentration is key to getting it right - after all that practice it's finally performance night!
  4. Red Hearts a Plenty
    Red Hearts a Plenty
    Dancing is busy with lots to do. "You look good - I'll paint you too!"
  5. Mermaid Lagoon
    Mermaid Lagoon
    Mermaid tails and sweet musical tunes. Dancers entranced under the magical moon.
  6. Snow Princesses
    Snow Princesses
    At The Snow Kingdom our Snow Princesses dance and the Magical Seahorses show us how they prance.
  7. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    Smiling faces for all to see. We're ready to go "1,2,3 - All aboard!"
  8. Boogie and Shake!
    Boogie and Shake!
    All together, arms in the air. Show us how you dance and move your body with flair!
  1. Butterfly Dreams
    Butterfly Dreams
    Fly like a Butterfly up and away. Across the fields on a perfect sunny day.
  2. Dancing Dreams Come True
    Dancing Dreams Come True
    Applause, bows and sparkling medals galore - can't wait to find out what next year has in store...
  3. Under the Lights
    Under the Lights
    My first time on stage can be a little nervous but it's all worth while when I here the applause.
  4. Pirouette Practice
    Pirouette Practice
    Turning can be tricky, it takes time to learn. So I fit in practice every day, even leaping down the hall.
  5. Dance Class With Friends
    Dance Class With Friends
    At dance class we learn to hold our pretty arms and feet. It's a wonderful place where all our friends come every week to meet.
  6. Princess Dress Up Day
    Princess Dress Up Day
    Every girl is a princess - you know that it's true. I love to be a princess and share the dance with you.
  7. End of Term Viewing Day
    End of Term Viewing Day
    At end of term parents come to see the lovely dancer I've come to be. I show off my turns and dance with my friends. Such a special day, I don't want it to end.
  8. Point Your Toes!
    Point Your Toes!
    Our first lesson in dance is to "point your toes", then stretch forward to reach my knees with my nose.
  1. Kris Kringle Surprise!
    Kris Kringle Surprise!
    Concert it over, Christmas is here. Let's celebrate together with Kris Kringle cheer!
  2. Happy Christmas Everyone!
    Happy Christmas Everyone!
    End of Year Break Up Party - we all have lots of fun. There's yummy food and cake and presents for everyone.
  3. Snow Princess Party Cake
    Snow Princess Party Cake
    Christmas platters all around - dancing children making happy sounds. Princess cake especially prepared by our wonderful parents bringing foods to share.
  4. Cabaret Rehearsal
    Cabaret Rehearsal
    Stockings, leotards, chorus shoes and red fans elegantly flutter with gracious dancing hands.
  5. Chorus Line Ladies
    Chorus Line Ladies
    Line up legs by ladies galore Our cabaret audience waits to find out what's in store
  6. Gorgeous Kittens
    Gorgeous Kittens
    Swish your tail and lick your lips These dancin' kittens are full of tricks!
  7. Burlesque Surprise!
    Burlesque Surprise!
    Feathers delight - a glamorous sight. The cabaret dancers emerge at night!
  8. Girls, Girls, Girls!
    Girls, Girls, Girls!
    Come on girls, kick those legs up high! Dancing is the way our spirits fly!